Wasseem Dirani Explains What Services You Can Expect from Your Taxes

Wasseem Dirani
3 min readMar 31, 2021


Citizens’ tax dollars keep the local, provincial, and national governments running. They are responsible for funding healthcare, schools, infrastructure, and many more aspects of Canadian life. Many taxpayers may wonder exactly how their hard-earned dollars are spent. Wasseem Dirani, a financial expert and founder of Hamilton, Ontario’s Taxes to Save, explains how the Canadian government uses sales and income tax dollars from its citizens and corporations.

What Do Canadian Taxes Do?

With this array of taxes being levied and paid across Canada, residents may be concerned about how their money will be spent. The Canadian government offers a wide variety of services that countries like the United States neglect to provide or leave to private entities, like health insurance.

Healthcare, Infrastructure, and First Responder Services

Canadian taxes aid the healthcare system and hospitals. Healthcare for every citizen of Canada is provided by the government and paid for by taxes. These taxes also help the country’s infrastructure, including roads, bridges, highways, canals, dams, and other infrastructure projects. First responder services such as police, fire, and ambulance services are also paid for by these taxes.

Sanitation and Public Recreation Facilities

Trash and recycling pickup and disposal are paid for by your taxes. Canada’s taxation system covers swimming pools, libraries, sports arenas, and other recreational and community facilities.

Schools and Education

Canadian taxes pay for education and schools, both in the lower levels and higher education. The Canadian school system is the third best in the world.

Canada Child Benefit

The Canada Child Benefit is a tax-free monthly payment meant to help families care for children under 18.

Social Assistance

The Canadian government assists impoverished residents and supplemental food payments as well.

Economic Development

Tax dollars help the government to encourage new businesses to settle in Canada. Government agencies are empowered to give businesses special economic considerations to locate in or invest in Canada.

Old Age Security and Employment Insurance

Tax dollars pay to give seniors a maintenance income after they have retired.

Taxes levied on Canadian businesses pay for employment insurance, which is paid to employees when they are furloughed or lose their jobs.

Wildlife Conservation

Canada is a vast country with many different natural areas. Tax dollars help to pay for the services of naturalists, government officials, and protected wildlife areas.

National Defence

Canada maintains a full complement of armed forces. Stationed around the world, these forces help with peacekeeping missions and can also be called into action in times of war.

Canada’s Services Paid For By Taxes

Canada offers a wide variety of services to its citizens, which are paid for by various taxes. In this case, the adage “you get what you pay for” applies. Wasseem Dirani encourages all Canadians to study the tax code and learn about the government’s services to all of its citizens.



Wasseem Dirani

Wasseem Dirani of Hamilton, Ontario, is the President of Taxes to Save. He and his company pride themselves in providing excellent tax consulting services.